Tanisha Jul 31, 2018

10 Things a fresher must look
upon in his first year

Almost every student seeking an admission in a college has many expectations about his/her college life. The liberty, the new environment, the fact that they will now be considered as adults sounds very fascinating to the young minds. But college life is not a fairytale. It is a crazy mix of academics, fun, friends and innumerable life changing moments. The very famous Delhi University which has more than 90 colleges affiliated is one of the most sought after by students wanting to pursue careers in various branches.

College life at Delhi University is not really different from other colleges but it surely has its own peculiarities and genuinity and as a fresher or rather a fuccha (that's what the seniors are going to call you till you become friends) you really might get confused and anxious about how to begin your college life.

It is a fact that after treading a long way in the schools with a strict routine and infinite rules, begins the college life, much awaited and completely opposite. Life at Delhi University North Campus is memorable in numerous ways.

Following are a few points which might actually help you calm your nerves and give you an insight about your upcoming college life!

1) Orientation

This usually happens on the very first two days of college. Unlike school where you started off with new books and fresh notebooks on the very first day, the first day of college is all about clearing your paperwork and getting to know your campus well. In the orientation of Delhi University colleges you will come to know about its history, establishment, faculty, alumni and much more.
The speeches and performances by the principals and students respectively might seem to be boring (okay let's face it! They are very boring) but you will get an introduction of the culture in your college. The colleges in Delhi University do not forget to take care of your parents’ relation with them and therefore parents are also allowed to check out the college properly and interact with a few faculty members. And not to forget the delicious lunch which follows the orientation. A great start to a roller coaster ride! Isn't it?


2) Check college notifications

It might be one of your dreams to bunk classes as soon as you get in the college, but try to keep the first week of college a little bunk free! In the very first week you will be introduced to your faculty, your new classroom (or rather lecture room). Moreover this is the time in which you will get familiar to the hustle bustle in your college.
Keep checking the notice board regularly and also the online portal of your college lest you want to miss out on any important detail. Also don't ignore your college WhatsApp group like you ignore your family group! It actually contains a lot of significant notifications (and also some stupid jibber jabber from your new batchmates!:P)
So pause a little from drooling over the fact that you got into your dream college and be a little more alert. You might also start reading the newsletter run by the students of Delhi University get a lot more information on many unexplored topics . Check Here


3) Get to know your campus

The Delhi University campus is something which brings to you a sense of belonging to your college and is something you boast about to your school friends. I assure you that after three to four years (or whenever you complete your course) you would have made unforgettable memories in that very campus and you won't be willing to leave it behind.
For instance the Delhi University North campus has many colleges clustered around at one place, you can just roam from one campus to the other and it's all yours! Other than this keep checking out on the events taking place in your campus. From short movie screenings for film lovers to hackathons for the programmers the Delhi University campus does not leave behind any events. There is even an online calendar made specially for keeping track of such events and many of them can give you chances to win prizes.
Another common setback which you might face in the campus is regarding the accommodation. Majority of the students do not get any hostel in the college. But be certain of finding a home away from home ,very near to your campus. There are websites now a days which help you find the best PG rooms at reasonable price. These are safe as well as fully furnished. The Campus Bazaar

4) Socialise with batch mates

What is a college life without friends? Monotonous and a little dull (all the introverts, please don't kill me for saying that!). This should not even be one of the points because it's too obvious , isn't it?
It's possible that you might have banged into your best friends on the orientation itself or you might slowly get to know them. The very first month of college life will be all about telling your name and where you come from, to hundreds of people! It is actually fun and amusing to learn about the diversity that your batch withholds.
Delhi University will provide you with a platform to meet distinct varieties of people from across the globe and you will have a wonderful time meeting them. Not only will you come to know different languages and cultures but also find buddies for group study (which is like a Goa trip plan impossible :p), random visits to cafes and also shoulders to lean on at times you feel low. So be ready to find your second family whom you are going to love beyond measure! Check Cafes/ Restraunts nearby

5) Socialise with seniors

Watched 3 idiots and now afraid of seniors? Quite natural. But in Delhi University you do not have to worry about anything. It is a friendly anti- ragging zone and you will not be looked down upon just because you are new in the campus. Although the seniors might appear to be a little cold in the beginning , never hesitate to clear your doubts from them. They will give you lots of gyaan about how there college life has been so far and will warn you against the grumpy teachers in college. Some of it is actually useful .
Not only this , seniors are the ones whom you are going to go looking for a week before the exams. They will not only tell you the important topics but also how to please the teacher by writing the according to his liking. They will also understand you the best because they have been there, so don't forget to reach out to your seniors. Check ways to play cool with Seniors


6) Participate in/ attend the freshers party

The main attraction about college life is the series of parties and functions. You might not be a party freak (neither am I), but your freshers party is something you don't want to regret missing.
Although there is a freshers party in every college of the Delhi University, there will be numerous off campus parties organised by your seniors( about which they will let you know by the ceaseless advertisements). So be wise and attend at least one of these parties. It is a great place to meet new people from your college and other colleges as well (I have seen people meeting their ‘soulmates’ at such parties :P), so just put on your favourite attire and buzz in.
For the young ladies, it is really fun to get new dresses and matching accessories to show it off (Well! Not always) on the special day. A week before freshers is usually spent in deciding what to wear (sometimes according to a theme), and it actually feels as though someone is getting married!
And if you feel that you have the calibre to participate in the freshers competition and want everyone to know you , then you should just go for it. No one is going to judge you, that's the beauty of college Check Outfits for Freshers Party


7) The food hub nearby

Now coming to my favorite point. Food ! Food always makes us happy (and never cheats on us!;P) and when college lectures get boring, it is food which brings the smiles back on our faces. The area around and in the Delhi University campus is a hub for luscious and fulfilling food. Delhi University North campus is situated near the very famous Hudson Lane . Just a minutes walk from GTB metro station and you will find yourself surrounded with innumerable cafes and restaurants with variant cuisines. Big Yellow Door, QD’s and Bille di hatti are everyone’s favourite as they serve luscious food which is also light on your pockets. Be it a birthday celebration, farewell party or a party with absolutely no reason, Hudson Lane is the all time favorite. The South Campus is also not less in any form with Satya Niketan being the analogue.
Not to forget the canteens serving hot and fresh food if you are feeling lazy to go out or just want to have something light. Well , the campus takes care of your stomach (and pocket) really well.


8) Join various Societies/ sports club

There are various societies in the colleges of the Delhi University. Name a talent and they will have a society specially made for it. Ibtida (Dramatics society of Hindu college) was cofounded by Imtiaz Ali ( Yes! DU is a hub of famous alumni) , Glitz (fashion society of Kamala Nehru college) and Geetanjali ( Indian choir of Miranda house) are just a few names from the list of most popular societies in Delhi.
These societies do more than just brushing up your talents. You become more adaptive towards the world as you start meeting new people who might be better than you in your field. Joining a sports club will keep you and your healthy. Also the bond created between you and your fellow society members is unique. The most exciting part is the inter college competitions where you showcase your talent along with your society and also get a chance to bring laurels to your college.
You will also receive merchandise such as T shirts and hoodies with your and your society name printed on it. Trust me , you will feel immense pride upon wearing it. You can also get your own merchandise printed through Campus Bazaar


9) Research about your coursebooks

And now coming to the actual purpose of coming to a college. Studies. Till now you might have started thinking that maybe studies are not so important in college. But it is not so. Maintaining a decent grade does not only keep you parents happy but also prepare you for the upcoming placements in the final year or for further studies.
The faculty at Delhi University is really good, but we need to do research from our side as well. It's a little difficult to find out about which books to buy and from where, but you can do so after talking to you seniors, batchmates and teachers. Take your own little time to find the best suited books for your course.
It's not always necessary to buy books from your college shops only as you can find books at very decent prices online very easily. Websites such as The Campus Bazaar can be very helpful in doing so.

10) Attend lectures and get to know the faculty

Lectures can be really boring isn't it? But that doesn't mean you should not attend them. With the 75% attendance cut off in the Delhi University , attending lectures is a must. So don't go on missing classes as you might get in trouble later.
Other than the attendance factor , you really should know your faculty members. Get to know their pattern of teaching and the syllabus and write your papers accordingly. Some of you might actually be interested in learning new things and it's a truth that teachers usually don't give of all the knowledge in the classrooms. So get to know your teachers and ask your doubts and get to know a lot more from them.
Life in Delhi University is a roller coaster ride. You will have fun with friends, you will get exhausted after the parties, you will fear about your grades and future in the first year. But let me tell you fucchas that life will slowly start sorting out in the years that will follow.
So just make the most of your first year! All the best!