Tanisha Jul 27, 2018

10 Things for a Fuccha
@Northcampus Delhi University

As soon as the board results are out, college hunting begins with full vigour by students and their parents. Their venture for one of the  best college mostly ends at the world famous Delhi University. It is highly sought by students even from abroad.

So what s the secret behind the students increasing appetite for the Delhi University? The Delhi University was founded way back in 1922 with just four colleges and at present has almost 90 colleges affiliated to it. It is further divided into the South Campus and the North Campus.

It is a fact that after treading a long way in the schools with a strict routine and infinite rules, begins the college life, much awaited and completely opposite. Life at Delhi University North Campus is memorable in numerous ways.

Listed below are the factors which makes the years spent at Delhi University North Campus versatile, amazing and most importantly, unforgettable.

1) The ultimate package for  pet puja

Delhi University North campus is situated near the very famous Hudson Lane . Just a minutes walk from GTB metro station and you will find yourself surrounded with innumerable cafes and restaurants with variant cuisines. Big Yellow Door, QD s and Bille di hatti are everyone s favourite as they serve luscious food which is also light on your pockets. Be it a birthday celebration, farewell party or a party with absolutely no reason, Hudson Lane is the all time favorite. Check GTB Nagar Cafes


2) Food for the lazy ones

And also for those with a dwindling budget. You don t always need to go outside the campus for good food for you have an array of canteens to your rescue .The new IRCTC canteen, and its delicious thali is fulfilling and at the same time lip smacking.From the masala coke, kadak chai, egg curry of Delhi School of Economics to the South Indian delicacies of Anna s Dhaba (PG Men s Hostel) and Pandit Ji ke paranthe, you have numerous options to calm your hungry stomach.


3) A panorama for shopaholics

The Vishva Vidyalaya Metro station itself is no less than a market. With so many thelas selling all types of adorable and affordable stationery along with aam papad and imli, it is really eye catching. Kamla Nagar , which is just 2 kilometers away from the North Campus of Delhi University is one of the major shopping hubs and specially grabs female attention for its bargainable apparel shops. Then there is the very famous  Majnu Ka Tila (no, don t go by the name ) with loads and loads of amazing Tibetan goods and cafes. Shop and eat or eat and shop, your call! Apart from these there is this grocery shop with is open 24/7 in Malka Ganj , just a few minutes away from the University Enclave. A life saver, isn't it? Check Manju ka Tila restaurants

4) The campus

The campus Delhi University North Campus is vast and full of greenery. Take a walk from one college to other or go cycling on the Kamla Nehru ridge ,it will assuredly refresh your mind. Not to forget the Delhi University Stadium is a Rugby 7s stadium, situated within the North Campus of Delhi University. Spread over 10,000 square metres (110,000 sq ft), the stadium has a seating capacity of 2,500 permanent and 7,500 temporary seats. Astounding, isn't it?

5) The  ADDAS

Which campus does not have a point where students hang around and chill after the boring lectures? The lover s point at Hansraj College is an iconic adda for students and also Superstar Shahrukh Khan proposed his lady love at this very place. (Yes! He is an alumni). What's really unusual is that the Vice Chancellor s garden is open for the students all the time! It's a delightful place to hangout in the evening with friends whilst sipping away some banta. And chai lovers! They find solace at Sudama s tea stall, with tea cups in hands , chit chatting with their colleagues. Well ! every point in this campus can become an adda if your friends are with you (Even the classrooms!) .


6) The perfect place for movie lovers

Don't want to miss out on any movie ? Or just want to enjoy the weekend with your buddies watching some latest flicks? With Amba and Batra, Delhi University North campus takes care of this craving of yours too. What will excite you more is that the balcony ticket costs just � 70 !! A relief to your pockets! Check Amba Cinema Delhi


7) The people

Whether you like a place or not depends to a great extent, on the people you meet there, isn't it? Delhi University North campus will see you with the diversity in its culture, students and outfits. It has people from across the globe. From people in formals to people in Pajamas, there is nothing you won't find here. And the way that they embrace and respect each other will leave you intrigued.


8) A platform for your hidden talents

For all those who have been acting in front of the mirror or singing in the bathroom, trying to find a place to showcase your talent , rest assured as Delhi University North campus has not forgotten to take care of you!! Name a talent and they will have a society specially made for it. Ibtida (Dramatics society of Hindu college) was co- founded by Imtiaz Ali ( Yes! DU is a hub of famous alumni) , Glitz (fashion society of Kamala Nehru college) and Geetanjali ( Indian choir of Miranda house) are just a few names from the list of most popular societies in Delhi.


9) A home away from home

Living your life away from home is something one must not miss. Waking up on the mercy of your own slumber and nagging about missing home food are some memories that will outlive the rest of your memories. The hostels at Delhi University North Campus provides facilities more than any other college hostel will. But hostels are always limited to a few students only. You still have absolutely nothing to worry, because PGs are available for you very nearby from the campus at reasonable prices with all the facilities you could ask for. Just visit the site below to know a lot more about them. Campus Bazaar

10) Fest- The most awaited time of the year

Delhi University North campus portrays the most versatile fest with famous stars flooding the place with there unbeatable charm. Guru Randhawa, Bohemia ,Mohit Chauhan and many others have lightened up the stage of DU colleges. Students from across India come here to go gaga over the performances. The best part is you can go from one fest to another in minutes as the colleges are so nearby! Delhi University boosts up a student in every way possible. Be it academics or extracurriculars. Its truly worthy of the fame it receives.